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Lens design, lens names.

Usually a lens project or original optical design deserves a particular name: the name is given for the lens elements number, placement, size and position. We find that on lens names like Petzval , Dyalit, Tessar, Gauss and Double Gauss, etc. Sometimes the original project lens name continues even if the original lens project is enhanced at later time, as in the Heliar original project from Voightlaender which had come the Apo-Lanthar many years later, but we can trace the DNA of the Heliar design on it. This is not the case with the lens manufactured by Leitz Camera (Leica): their lens names designates the max aperture or speed of the lens itself, rather then the optical scheme.

  • Elmar = f/4 or slower
  • Elmarit = f/2.8
  • Summitar = f/2
  • Summarit = f/2.5
  • Summicron = f/2
  • Summilux = f/1.4
  • Noctilux =f/1.2 or faster
Other names like Summar seem to vary more.

image from: en.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/M-Lenses

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