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Rollei & Zeiss lenses - differences and similarities

The T* coating of Zeiss lenses was developed by Zeiss. The HFT (High Fidelity Transfer) lens coating was developed by Rollei from Braunschweig with Zeiss in the '60s. Some years later - about the first years of 1970 decade - Rollei had licensed from Zeiss the production of a lens series for the SL35 Rollei 35mm reflex cameras. The production took place at the Voigtlaender factory in Braunschweig - Germany.
The HFT coating have a color more toward the Red, and the T* coating toward Purple and Green. By my experience with Zeiss lenses and Rollei QBM HFT, with T* coating I can expect more contrasted images and with HFT less contrast, under the same tonality range, from shadows to highlights.

Is there any difference between one or other coating for the same lens focal concerning the results? It depends of the available lightning, the subject, the average scene contrast, to name few. If you have the chance to have both coatings, do it. If you don't, choose the coating which will work better with the type of subject and light you use to photograph more often.

The coating choice have to consider also which post-processing techniques and media intended to use - screen, digital or wet printing. If you shoot also analog, as I do, what's available to you as paper grade, and enlarger type - condenser of diffused light type.

For the type of work I do, mainly landscape and portrait, I find the Zeiss T* coating the better choice for landscape and nature, and I have some shots made on street style photo, for which I prefer the same lens coating. On the other hand, the subtle differentiation between tone rendering pleases me more at portraiture when I choose a HFT coated lens. It seems to be more controllable, demanding less post processing work.

Rua/Street, Sao Pedro do Sul - RS - Brasil
Contax 167MT + Zeiss Planar 1.4/50mm, Kodak Tri-X 400 135mm, HC-100 dil F

Denise - Rollei QBM Planar 1.8/50mm

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